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Entwined Hearts Canine Sports Massage Therapy

We are now providing canine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy. Which includes Swedish massage, Canine Myofascial massage, TMJ massage.

Certified in Canine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy Clara Vaughn has learned the value of the Canine Swedish massage that promotes relaxation that works on the ears, neck/back, sacrum, tail, & leg work; TMJ massage which will focus on the TMJ dysfunctions affecting the temporomandibular joint of the dog; Myofascial massage that specializes in myofascial system of the body; Canine stretching and joint movements; Along with canine behavioral handling and canine first aid & vitals.

After getting our first Bulldog puppy and researching the breed decided to extend our services to K9 along with livestock, looking forward to serving. those in and around the community.

Who can benefit from a massage therapy session?

🐾PUPPIES- desensitizes them to touch

🐾YOUNG DOGS-prevention of injuries & over all wellness

🐾SENIOR DOGS- Increase flexibility & Mobility

🐾RECOVERING DOGS- helps recover from injuries by reducing soreness and tightness associated with the injury

🐾PERFORMANCE/WORKING DOG- Promotes peek performance & prevents injury.


Canine massage is NOT a substitute for veterinary care. We will not diagnose or treat your canine. For sick or injury fur babies contact your veterinarian

By Texas law, therapeutic message on an animal is required to be done under the direct or general supervision of a licensed veterinarian. (Texas occupations code 801.002. Definitions; (4) General supervision means supervision. Of a person by a responsible veterinarian who is readily available to communicate with person)

  Clara Vaughn is not a veterinarian & is acting as an independent contractor, so you must have a Veterinarian supervision form for your first visit to be compliant with Texas Administrative code €573.14.

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